How We Restore Metal Sculptures, Statues, and Other Art Objects

When we receive an art object, we first examine the sources of damage and develop a plan in consultation with its owner. Generally, we clean the bronze pieces of surface films such as accumulated lacquer and wax, and then determine what surface oxides are to be modified or removed. Then we analyze and correct breaks, abrasions, and gouges. Throughout the process, we are careful not to interfere with existing patinas or painted surfaces. We will re-patinate overly polished surfaces, or places where the patina has chipped or worn away, to restore the bronze to the artist’s originally intended appearance.

Brass and Bronze Ormolu Candelabra

A set of French cast brass, ormolu candelabra with a cast bronze figurine patinated blue green.
Restored French Ormolu Candelabra

Bronze Art Nouveau Dancing Girl Figurine

Conservation Done - face and breast detail; Bronze Art Nouveau figurine done for Sotheby's Restoration
Restored Bronze Dancing Figurine

Parcel Gilt Bronze Figurine

Figurine complete
Figurine complete

Columbus Monument

Rededication of the Columbus Monument with City Councilwoman Kate Leonard.
Rededication of the Columbus Monument with City Councilwoman Kate Leonard.

Bronze; Rosenberger Medal

A sand cast N from Gorham's Rosenberger Medal for Brown University.
A sand cast N from Gorham’s Rosenberger Medal for Brown University

Bronze Plaques and Statuary for Brown University

Green plaque; completed restoration.
Green plaque; completed restoration

Little Bear Fountain

The Little Bear Fountain complete.
The Little Bear bronze and stone fountain complete