Since 1989 Newmans, Ltd has been at the forefront of high quality art restoration in New England, nationally and internationally. We began with our first specialty, metal objects, and rapidly expanded to Non-Western ethnographic objects of mixed materials and to marble and stone busts and other statuary. Our projects range from small, delicate bronze statuary and unusual metal objects to large institutional installations.  Below are many of our projects, by category. We hope you enjoy looking through our work, and will contact us with your own restoration challenges.

Marble busts and Statuary
Marble Busts and Statuary
Newport Mansions: Chinese Ostrich egg containers; repair of silver non-western art objects
Ethnic Art Objects
Before: A Balinese Kris Ceremonial Sword made of steel, brass, ivory, wood, and semi-precious stones
Mixed Materials Restorations
A parcel gilt bronze figurine of a dancing girl
Bronze Sculptures and Statues
Rosenberger Medal for Brown University-a sand cast N from Gorham.
Restorations of Bronze Plaques
Both candelabra rebuilt and ready to be used.
Restorations of Candelabra
St. George's Peaslee Cross During Treatment. Made of silver, gold plate, brass, wood, oil paint, lead.
Restorations of Churches
Touro Synagogue: Reinstallation of the central brass chandelier.
Synagogue Restorations
Historical photograph of the 19th century horse trough from the Newport Historical Society
Restoration of Fountains
Tea & Coffee Service; Art Deco Chrome & Celluloid, coffee and creamer.
Hollowware Restorations
Iron and Steel Restorations
Servers after restoration.
Restoration of Plated Objects
Silver Basket, Nineteenth Century
Restoration of Silver Objects
Antique Weapons Restorations
Repair of Zinc, Pewter, Spelter and Lead Sculpture and Statues
Zinc, Pewter, Spelter and Lead Sculpture and Statues
Restored Historical Mechanisms
Restored Historical Mechanisms



The Jugendstil Lamp complete
Restored Historical Lighting